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Menschen lauschen gespannt in einem unserer Workshopräume


With our hub events you can find the right contacts and ideas

Get Connected

The hub offers a range of opportunities and event formats that invite you to network.

Besuchte Stände der StartupMesse am HubDay


Hub Day offers everything from a stage program, master classes, match machine sessions to a startup fair and a big party - all in one day.

Socializing in gemütlicher Atmosphäre

Afterwork "Pitcher statt Pitches"

THE logistics networking evening in Hamburg! Meet colleagues from the industry at a relaxed after-work event. Discuss current trends in the logistics industry or simply enjoy a cool drink.

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Pizza im Bi-weekly, während sich ein neues Startup vorstellt.

Bi-Weekly Lunch

In a relaxed atmosphere, we exchange news, introduce new members to the community and simply chat a bit while snacking on a piece of pizza.

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Match Machine Karten

Match Machine

Find your perfect match
- 5 rounds, 2 players, 1 decision
- Questions & Answer
- Communication & engagement
- Trustworthy & transparent
- Meet & decide
- Co-create live: Hub, startups, partners

Co-create with other startups and partners

Eine Gruppe brainstormend mit Moderation.


Different groups work in parallel in a 4-day camp on a problem with diverse teams: understand the problem - design solutions - test - adapt - test ... up to MVP/pilot planning.

An Whiteboards wird gearbeitet.


Workshops led by us for corporate partners who bring in the expertise to our startups and external companies and have the opportunity to quickly test the feasibility of ideas.

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Studenten lauschen gespannt einigen Startups

Field Trips

Both students and companies have the opportunity to get to know the hub during an excursion. Exchange ideas with startups and partners and get to know our ecosystem.

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Alle neuen Startups stellen sich vor.

Onboarding Days

Introduce yourself and your startup to the hub community, exchange news from the industry and meet relevant startups and partners.

Mehr erfahren
Lego Serios Play wird als Pretotyping Methode eingesetzt.

Collab Day

Best-practice exchange between companies. The aim of Collab Day is to openly discuss current topics between corporate partners and identify synergies. Both expert groups and joint projects can arise.

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Gemütliche Atmosphäre beim Afterwork


Zweimal im Jahr treffen sich die Hub Lotsen mit der Hub Leitung und legen die Tätigkeitsbereiche für die nächsten sechs Monate fest.

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Jemand macht eine Foto-Aufnahme des Bühnenprogramms.

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