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ARO Technologies

ARO Drone Services has been developing its own patented technologies and services for the drone-based delivery of goods and merchandise over the last mile since 2017. Since 2021, we have also been using our expertise for other areas of application in the industrial environment.


Aerodymax is on a mission to help the trucking industry to reduce emissions, energy costs and cut down on fuel consumption through innovative solutions to vehicle aerodynamics and battery storage.

Angel Last Mile

ANGEL sees itself as a new convenience delivery service. In contrast to conventional parcel service providers who work with highly standardized processes, ANGEL can act agile and focus directly on customer requirements.


Innovative start-up and mid-market financing with APPLYGATOR through strategic use of public funding. APPLYGATOR offers a solution, positions itself as an alternative to the bank and enables a new type of corporate financing.


We develop software and carry out projects to optimize, digitalize and make your company's processes for logistics, production, disposal, etc. more efficient.

Boden & Bauschutt

We are THE ecosystem for soil & construction debris and increase the value of mineral waste for users and producers. The whole process is cost-optimized, ecologically wise and process-integrated. The significant differentiator: we see the industry as owner and involve it accordingly.


We are a startup that wants to turn online trade upside down and save a lot of packaging waste with reusable shipping bags and a deposit system. Our Boomerang packs massively reduce the CO2 footprint of online trade and save valuable resources. Each Boomerang can be reused up to 50 times and replaces conventional single-use cartons.


BOXXPORT brings everything together to help you buy, sell, lease, auction and manage your containers online. BOXXPORT means: speed, real-time market information, internationalisation and fleet management.


CO2OPT offers an AI based web platform where transport companies can identify potential savings in Total Cost of Ownership and CO2 emissions; and can close optimized tire management contracts right away.


CONROO enables terminal and depot operators to efficiently handle trucks and utilize off-peak capacity. This is realized by a fully digital gate handling and a state of the art slot management platform. CONROO closes the communication gap and frees up valuable logistics resources.


“Navigating the Seas of Innovation”: Our mission is to improve the quality of life for seafarers, while promoting a safe, sustainable, and efficient maritime industry. We strive to create innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry and provide comprehensive support to enhance the wellbeing of those who work on the seas and reduce complexity of processes of all involved stakeholders.

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Collaboratively Challenge the Status Quo. Wir glauben an kollaborative Wertschöpfung, denn sie ist effektiver, nachhaltiger und macht mehr Spaß. Unsere Fachgebiete sind Microsoft Power BI, Core Data Warehouse Management, AI und Robotic Process Automation.

CS Marketing

International solutions, project management and training for marketing, communication and leadership; industry focus on technical products and services requiring explanation, e.g. logistics, mobility, energy, household appliances or IT; experts for and bridge builders between Europe and Asia.


CarbonStack accelerates the transformation to CO2 neutrality by offsetting emissions that are difficult to avoid with local compensation projects. To do this, they evaluate the CO2 uptake of forests with satellite images and document the projects on a public blockchain.


CargoKite develops a new, wind-powered ship class for oversea transportation of freight. With our high-tech sailing ship we help commercial shipping companies reduce operating costs by 60%, cut emissions by 100% and enable a faster and more customized shipping service.


CargoLedger delivers the digital transformation of the supply chain, transport and logistics with block chain. Paperless with better, more timely and accurate information for greater control, efficiency and significant cost savings for all parties involved. Our customers are shippers, retailers, freight forwarders.


The world of logistics requires efficient and effective collaboration among many different stakeholders. Why don't current Transport Management Systems (TMS) offer this, then?
We believe there is a more transparent and collaborative way the road freight logistics industry can work. That's why we are building the Cargonexx Transport Management Platform to connect Shippers, Carriers, Freight Forwarders, and their Customers—allowing them to focus on what matters.
Cargonexx Transport Management Platform lays the foundation for the seamless integration of technologies, people, and companies helping our customers cut costs, save time and reduce CO2 emissions.
Cargonexx is preparing the industry for a new era of sustainable supply networks.


We bring Blockchain to the real economy - with training, consulting and implementation. Within the framework of the COBILITY initiative, which we co-founded, we are building the decentralized network for transport logistics together with the stakeholders in the industry.

Cind AB

Our first solution provides you with automatic dimension measurement of palletised goods in-motion – for any type of fork lift and any type of pallet.
Our second solution gets your aircraft pallet stacking right at first try. Optimise the build-up of your aircraft pallets, increase your load, and thus reduce your climate impact.


Closelink offers shipping companies an online based platform for the optimized purchasing of leading ship resources. The initial focus is on lubricating oils. The platform is divided into a SaaS solution in combination with an extended network of suppliers worldwide.

Connectyd by Sunato

Connectyd provides fully automated data exchange between internal applications, business partners, stores, devices and much more. They communicate with modern cloud APIs as well as with old ERP systems, extract, convert and distribute data and permanently monitor the data flow.


Short: Cost-effective and efficient resource take backs and recycled material procurement for circular supply chain

Problem: Recycled materials are undervalued, due to a lack of circular incentivisation and trust in recycled material. Recycling will be operated “top-down” from a producer's HQ instead of “bottom-up” by waste producing facility, to avoid downcycling and gain access to recycled material.

About our startup: The first impact-driven take back reverse logistics platform for cost-effective, efficient recycled material procurement between metals- and chemicals-processing industries and dedicated raw material suppliers. We close the loop on end of life resources for a greener planet.

USP: ContainerGrid significantly reduces recycled material procurement cost through cost-effective and efficient material flow orchestration and aggregation across fragmented supply chains.

Solution: We enable a producer’s material purchasing to 1) centralize recycling management and deploy product passports across supplier, distributor or customer locations, 2) orchestrate take-back services and enable traceability to monetize CO2 reductions, and 3) gain access to certified recycling feedstock or recycled material for monetization.


Digicust uses artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the often complex and time-consuming process of customs clearance for international shipments. Our AI automates document processing, product classification with HS codes, and customs declaration enrichment, ensuring a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective experience for businesses.


AI + Blockchain for Governance, Risk and Compliance


Dexory provides a warehouse data collection system that helps logistics companies boost the productivity of their hubs by capturing real time insights using autonomous, mobile robots to quickly measure, track and find goods without complex infrastructure changes.


"Social Recruiting" is the formula for success of our job recommendation portal "Drive4drivers", which we have developed in response to the continuing shortage of drivers in the transport industry...


ENQT offers innovative mobile network measurement technology. In-house developed products and services help to evaluate mobile networks in a holistic way. Our focus is on clever measurement solutions and intelligent software for data evaluation.


Autonomous vehicles won’t ever be 100% autonomous. To bridge this gap, FERNRIDE is building the leading teleoperation software platform, fully enabling driverless vehicles.


FLETEC offers Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) for the technical management of containers and other intermodal assets. Driven by a learning algorithm, FLETEC’s real-time risk detection identifies improper and correct repair activities and uses this visibility to enhance and automate operational control processes.


With Fleext, we enable transporter sharing between companies and are the first startup to turn the cost point of the vehicle fleet into a source of income.


Flowfox is the only global import container release automation and standardization platform, streamlining collaboration between freight forwarders ocean carriers via direct integrations into the ocean carrier’s systems. We enable both parties to improve their efficiencies, reduce costs as well as the delays. Our solution allows forwarders to focus more on customer needs while optimizing businesses.


The Sustainability Logistics Network

GTT Agromarket UG

Thinking procurement new: GTT Agro Market is a B2B-trading platform with integrated tracing and carbon farming. It enables (inter-)national direct trading of agriculture raw materials 24/7 crisis independent from farmers field to manufacturers of food-, cosmetic and pharma industry.

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Graphmasters is a specialist for routing services and optimization and develops software for traffic management, logistics and navigation for well-known customers from all over Europe...


Unlocking Efficiency with Secure, Paperless Sea Trade (eB/L) - in accordance with legal compliance and globally trusted standards.


HASYTEC is a manufacturer of an innovative ultrasound technology. It is used in commercial shipping and in a wide range of service industrial applications. The technology prevents the formation of biofilms as well as deposits. This makes it possible to optimise process cycles and make them more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly.

HY.AIR Energy GmbH

We are revolutionizing fire protection in logistics: The HY.AIR system offers preventive fire protection through oxygen reduction in warehouses and, at the same time, failsafe and grid-independent energy for your critical infrastructure.... and all completely emission-free thanks to green hydrogen.


The company "INN-ovativ" was founded with the aim of innovation in the forwarding industry. The employees are faced with the challenge of constantly dealing with changing legal bases, new products, systems or procedures. For this purpose we have to provide them with the latest knowledge and the necessary competence.


We are an e-mobility IT company headquartered in Flensburg, Germany, driven by a clear mission: to simplify, optimize, and sustainably transform electric mobility on a global scale. Our innovative digital solutions cater to companies seeking to streamline fleet charging operations. Through our comprehensive cloud-based energy management and charging platform, we seamlessly integrate mobility demand with energy data, facilitating intelligent, sustainable, and efficient fleet charging. Our goal is to usher in a seamless and stress-free e-mobility for companies.


InstaFreight is your digital logistics partner for road freight transport in Europe. Through digital innovation we create transparency and efficiency while saving costs for shippers and carriers at the same time.


ItsMyCargo is the solution for small and medium sized freight forwarders to sell their services online and save loads of time in the sales process. Our white-label web application serves as an intuitive and fast frontend where customers and agents can find and book quotations. The admins set rates for sea, air, rail and truck services and accept incoming shipments.

Jokati GmbH

Jokati is the innovative "Digital Freight Management" and supports logistics teams in the management, control and negotiation of freight agreements for land transportation. Reduce the effort for the annual pricing rounds with your existing forwarding companies by more than 80% and also carry out tenders with new transport partners with just a few clicks.


KONVOI offers the first preventive, technologically updateable security solution as an IoT platform for trucking companies to protect against cargo or diesel theft and driver assaults.


Koiotech is a company focused on creating and delivering AI-based stationary measurement systems tailored for evaluating cargo sizes on passing forklifts. The standout feature is the adaptable neural networks that can be retrained for specific use cases, ensuring precise recognition and measurement of every cargo captured in the image.

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CO2-Austoß & Plastikmüll waren gestern – LEAFR denkt die urbane Lebensmittellogistik neu. Mit unseren elektrischen Transportmitteln, einer smarten Logistiksteuerung und einem motivierten Team entwickeln wir eine nachhaltige und innovative Lösung für die gekühlte Lebensmittellogistik in der Stadt.

Lemberg Solutions

Lemberg Solutions is a modern IT company with head office in Lviv (Ukraine), active in the areas of digital services (web & mobile), IoT, data science and AI. Lemberg offers end-to-end service and develops for example complete IoT prototypes (hardware & software) with integrated AI, sensors & cloud connection from a single source.

Loady GmbH

Loady is a cross-industry master data platform for standardized, up-to-date loading and unloading requirements. By providing transport-relevant digital twins for industrial sites, loading points and products, Loady enables seamless logistics processes and empowers digitization, from freight procurement and freight order management to planning, dispatching and execution.

Supply chains are highly fragmented in many aspects. Billions of interfaces are the result while the need of data availability and exchange is becoming an increasingly critical business asset. helps companies to exchange data – smarter, faster and highly cost efficient.


MANSIO is a software-based transport system for road haulage. It is based on the principle of relay traffic: in the course of a transport, one truck hands over its semi-trailer to another truck.


Meight is the most advanced carrier software to boost profitability, scale operations and retain truckers. Meight’s patented technology makes you run your cargo on budget and on time (with zero phone calls).


Merchain is a Collaboration Platform to assist procurement and supply chain Professionals in SME and small freight forwarder to collaborate digitally through Merchain’s Collaboration Rooms and to manage their processes in the same place.

MotionMiners GmbH

Die Motion-Mining-Technologie des Dortmund Start-ups MotionMiners analysiert und verbessert die Effizienz und Ergonomie von Arbeitsprozessen in Produktion und Logistik.


MotionTools - The Operating System for Logistics Services. The All-in-One Software that boosts the efficiency of your operations and delights your customers.


MüLog supports medium-sized companies in the sustainable digitalization of business models and logistics processes in order to enable a future-proof transformation of companies, supply chains and processes.


SaaS for better commercial decisions in the Chemical Industry


NautilusLog is a digital logbook as a smartphone app, adapted to the needs of the maritime industry. NautilusLog controls and automates relevant business processes, generates reports and connects the crew with its management, partners and authorities for joint activities. ...


We provide access to the most reliable emissions and sustainability data for the maritime industry, covering more than 109.000 vessels with about 250 KPIs and datapoints each.


Most logistics platforms are built for one specific purpose. Orbit offers an ecosystem of industry-defining solutions for logistics and delivery – on a single, unified platform.

P2X-Europe GmbH

P2X Europe is a joint venture company of H&R Group and Mabanaft. Our main goal is to purchase CO2-neutral Power-to-X products from corresponding projects and market them through the respective distribution channels. .

PRIOjet Logistics

Spare parts for a machine or an airplane, documents, missing and directly needed means for production... highly urgent transports, which are unplannable and need immediate implementation: PRIOjet Logistics is the platform for initiation, handling and accounting of emergency logistics...

Patient Zero

Modern 3D applications display content in a more vivid and tangible way than classic media. Thanks to powerful engines such as Unity or the Unreal Engine, we can develop them for you at low cost.

Predimo GmbH

Predimo analyzes, visualizes and optimizes the physical stress of employees at the workplace as well as work processes by means of the IoT-based method "Computed MyoGraphy". This way physical overloads are detected at an early stage and workplaces and processes can be optimized in terms of both ergonomics and efficiency.

ProLog Innovation

ProLog Innovation supports digital decision-making processes and the creative development of organizations.


We see ourselves as a link between various organizations, systems, processes and people. As a specialized interface developer, we design optimal solutions for the problems of our project partners. In doing so, we help large and small companies to model cross-system business processes and implement them in an innovative way.


We are a Freight-Tech start-up simplifying access to rail freight and intermodal transport and increasing its efficiency. The digital ecosystem offers an innovative marketplace, collaboration and transport management solutions along the entire value chain.

RiskCo GmbH

RiskCo is a software and consulting company, specialized on the topics Risk Management and Intralogistics Optimization. Our risk management software tool KASSANDRA helps our customers to implement a professional risk management system.


SPACE-SHIP is a technology company that aims to bring technical innovation to the maritime industry using the power of AI and Big Data. Our flagship product ARRIVAL-X, helps ports in efficient planning and resource allocation by proving timely actionable insights.


Searoutes is an API first company which brings accurate data to empower current digital supply chain solutions. Our mission is to make freight transportation become greener by optimizing routes.


The Sensos solution is disrupting today's supply chain industry bringing a unique combination of both, an innovative in-house developed device and cloud-based platform driven by advanced algorithms and machine learning.


Sereact operates with the assistance of AI in the field of robot automation. This particularly concerns areas such as picking, compacting, space-optimized packing, storage, and a variety of features surrounding these functions. In this context, Sereact is not limited by specific hardware and enables no-code communication with the deployed robots through PickGpt.


SHIPSTA FLEX offers a truly end-to-end solution as an integrated process, including Rate Management, eProcurement, Freight Calculator, Scenario Designer, Freight Settlement and KPI Dashboard.


At Shipzero we develop strategies, prototypes and concrete action plans to work successfully with new key technologies such as artificial intelligence.

SimpleJOB GmbH

Simplejob is a young HR-Tech startup, which combines the advantages of a modern job board, the classic recruitment agency & a performance marketing agency. We are specialized in the logistics industry and recruit qualified industrial & commercial employees for companies here - Germany-wide!


We have developed the first web-based logistics software that fully integrates a transport management system into an ERP system. Our approach is to map all operative and internal processes of transport companies in a digital solution to implement automatisms...


We want to reduce the loss and waste of pharmaceutical goods, food, chemicals and other perishable and damageable products worldwide.


Advancing the freight forwarding industry in terms of digitalization and fighting the shortage of skilled workers in logistics professions - this is our declared goal at "INN-ovativ", a young software company from Bavaria...


Stargazr is a simulation software using predictive analytics to save cost for manufacturing companies.


SupplyET provides supply chain planning software that optimizes cost, sales, and emissions through novel algorithms and intuitive design. The company's PF Engine is a unique software solution for strategic production planning that allows effortless planning and optimization of even complex production processes.


Mit seiner Plattform vereinfacht TradeLink die Zusammenarbeit in der Lieferkette zwischen allen beteiligten Lieferpartnern für eine effiziente und vorausschauende Logistik radikal. TradeLink verbindet alle Parteien innerhalb einer Plattform, liefert Automatisierung rund um das Lager und ermöglicht detaillierte KPI- und Leistungseinblicke zur Optimierung.


Tradeledge is a TradeTech digital platform where SMEs can find trustable trading partners abroad, negotiate and close import/export deals, and keep an auditable track record of them. All of it through a single tool, powered by blockchain, that increases trust, efficiency, control and transparency.


Trufi Association is a Hamburg-registered international NGO that supports public transport, especially in emerging markets. We make public transport – especially informal transport – fully accessible to millions of people in emerging cities globally through the mobile phones they already use.


How can we make the world of container transport more efficient through technology and data? How do we give clients worldwide easier access to capacity and a qualitative flexible layer of carriers? With these questions as a starting point, we started UTURN in 2017. We come from logistics and have applied our knowledge and experience to have a tool for every shipper and carrier in the world with which they can organize container transport from order to cash in a smarter, more efficient and at lower cost. More than 500 shippers in Western Europe use us on a daily basis; as a permanent partner in which they place all their container transports with us or by requesting capacity themselves on our platform.


Vanongo is an AI-powered last-mile logistics platform that enables transparent and precise delivery for merchants and fleets for sales increase. Focus on post-checkout part of the journey provides upsell capabilities during the delivery.

Vectura System

Vectura System supports European logistics companies in minimizing the impact of their fleets with a reduction of 50% for CO2eq (vs Diesel) and 50% of natural resources saving (vs Elec) compare to existing vehicles.


Our Sustainability Management Platform identifies the carbon footprints of shipments, products, and companies from any sector. By making sustainability visible to everyone, we make a positive impact on society, the environment, and the economy. We provide real data and transparent analyses to pave the way for a more sustainable economy.

Wing Labs GmbH

Decision-support systems for aviation & beyond.

XXL Consolidation GmbH

The world’s first OOG consolidator in ocean freight.


We develop software for small and medium-sized forwarding companies, for the digitalization of quotations, bookings, tracking and reporting. We provide all this securely and easily anywhere in the world via the cloud. Of course, we also advise freight forwarders on other topics related to digitalization.


We connect our customers from the transport logistics industry with all employees, customers and service providers via our patented platform catkin, thus enabling ideal and transparent communication - both externally and internally.

conbo offers hardware-free real-time asset tracking that allows the tracking and analysis of ALL moving objects within a given facility using existing cameras alone.
Our solution can replace or extend the reach of RF-IDs, GPSs, and many other physical solutions with more accurate, detailed, and flexible software-based ones. No CAPEX is needed.


driveMybox positioniert sich als digitale Plattform für Containertransporte. Sie richtet sich sowohl an Kunden als auch an Transportunternehmen und selbstfahrende LKW-Fahrer. Ziel ist es, die Komplexität und Intransparenz des Transportmarktes durch eine Komplettlösung aus einer Hand zu lösen.


enabl revolutionizes forklift-driving in intralogistics. With a combination of remote driving an automation, we offer a service to our customers. We develop an integrate remote-driving and automation features to forklifts, to optimize intralogistics. Our customers can find new workers, reduce costs and increase flexibility.

hey circle

hey circle offers the sustainable reusable packaging system for eCommerce. Our boxes and bags can be reused about 50times and thereby avoid packaging waste and CO2 emissions. We combine our packaging with an IT solution that helps our customers to integrate deposit and tracking in plug and play mode.


We simplify port call coordination by providing a web-based platform which connects all relevant parties involved in a port call together. Heyport eliminates inefficiencies from the port call via a simple, intelligent and integrated communication!


The deep tech company, idealworks - with its flexible, scalable robotics ecosystem consisting of the cloud platform AnyFleet and the CE-certified autonomous mobile robot iw.hub - is revolutionizing intralogistics of both national and international companies from a wide range of industries.


fotographic evidence on the fly. is a disruptive supply chain management platform to digitize communication and streamline workflows along international supply chains. Their SCM platform helps professionals from purchasing, supply chain and logistics to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in one central platform.


We are using the opportunities offered by digitization to make combined transport (CT) simpler and more efficient. Together with companies from the market, we have developed modility, a one-stop store for CT that brings together demand for rail solutions and free transport capacities of train operators, simplifies communication between the players.


passify simplifies truck handling for truckers and logistics facilities alike. Our digital platform eliminates waiting times for truckers and their need to visit offices to be processed. Logistics facilities can say goodbye to dedicating staff for the collection of information.


The sustainable🌱logistics📦 technology 📱platform for your delivery service 🚲!


Digital one-stop-shop for maritime intermodal transport.


Sustainable collection of recylable waste with electrified cargobikes


We provide a variety of services in the sector of information technology. taliox helps their clients benefit from innovative and the most up-to-date technolgies. As digital natives of todays world, our team is able to deliver cutting edge software solutions by combining an intrinsic technical understanding with the latest results in research.


Toern enables Onlineshops to send those returns directly to new potential customers using their SaaS solution.


wehyve is an international transformation consulting firm that considers the factors people, brand, business, design and technology in its actions.

zero44 GmbH

Founded in 2022, the Berlin-based company supports shipping companies, ship managers and charterers with the planning and optimisation of their carbon management. It provides answers to mounting legislation aimed at quickly and significantly reducing carbon emissions in shipping.





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