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Scarce resources and increasing effects of the climate change confront us with the urge to transform economic principles to save our world. TODAY!


With the UN Sustainable Development Goals pinned to the agenda you might think we're already doing our best. But let's be honest: in the past “green initiatives” have often been overruled by profit and growth approaches.
The Logistics industry – being the backbone of our economy – is aware of its responsibility and the effect it can contribute to change the rules and mechanisms for many industries.

The Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg challenges Startups and Innovators worldwide to pitch us how to tackle the challenges. ​

Right now ideas and innovation are more in need than ever!


Watch the big final on our HubTV  and YouTube channel to follow the discussion and announcement of the winning team of each category.

Three Challenges for Green Logistics


The Jury will select 3 finalists each and pick the final winner on Thursday, April 1st. The winning team of each category earns 3.000€ and a customized workshop hosted by the de:hub initiative to boost their idea.



What alternative sources  exist (garbage, emission fuel etc.)?

How can we generate fuel more efficiently/ maximize  the output?

Do we need fuel at all?


Which regenerative energy can be used as a substitute?

How can it substitute fuel?



How can transport be reduced?

What are eco-friendly ways of transport? What are new materials?


Can transport create positive environmental effects?

How can the whole supply chain be coordinated to reduce emmissions?